Customer acquisition done right: 4 strategies to grab their attention and win them over

Customer acquisition done right: 4 strategies to grab their attention and win them over

Selling online is getting tougher, with every brand developing their own style of marketing. Acquiring customers while simultaneously trying to grab the attention of new leads is a long process. So how do we make a sustainable acquisition plan?

This includes a steady progression all the way from attracting leads to converting them into paid customers and making the experience enjoyable for users.

1) Setting the goal right.

Find out what type of customers you’d prefer. Are they millennials or corporate CEOs? Do you wish to help the financial industry or IT startups? Your product might not fit everywhere, but it’ll suit different niches.

Get into product-fit—test out customer personas, find out which demographic fits. Once a standard has been established, keep iterating on what’s the best direction for your product, and keep refining your UI/UX and features towards it. This way you have a game plan already set for the future if any process happens to go awry.

2) Bringing them in with a good offer.

What’s worse than missing out on a limited offer?

Your product need not be free. But, you can occasionally send out freebies to new prospects and old customers alike. Limited offers create a feeling of urgency that draws people in.

Increase your product adoption by offering a free trial. This way you invite more customers who are willing to give your product a try. You win a lot with just a simple measure!

3) Finding out the right closing points.

Hunting down the proper channels for customer acquisition will be tough. Plan out the path where you’re going to lay down your offers, and at what cost. A time-tested and effective way is running promotional ads in search engines and social media (Twitter, Facebook etc).

Tying up loose ends is an interesting part of the acquisition process. Get your salespeople to establish a good rapport and clearly show the value in your product. This way, undecided prospects will end up paying for what you offer.

4) Keep them delighted.

Delighting your longtime customers is the final part of the whole acquisition process. Keep your users engaged. Once they’ve started using your product, they’ll need occasional rewards to enrich their day-to-day experience while using it.

Gamifying your product will go a long way. Tiny little aspects such as daily streaks and leaderboards will help build up and maintain user interest for longer durations.

A simple badge system for tracking a customer’s day-to-day achievements within the application is a fun way to keep them engaged. If you’re looking for team-inclusive options, consider having a leaderboard system that plays out on some of your key features. Is your product meant for e-retail? Consider adding in a reward system which incentivizes regular customers. 

You can do this and a lot more things for your acquisition process. Try out Zoho SalesIQ to help track your customers along the journey now!

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